Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who is this? Why should I care? Do we have anything in common?

Hello, I don’t think that we’ve been formally introduced.

My name is Chy and I am in the Women & Gender Studies masters program at San Francisco State (which sounds a bit more prestigious than “SFSU” in my opinion, but it’s all the same!). I am also enrolled in a fantastic school of transformation disguised as a restaurant business. It’s called Cafe Gratitude and I work as their Admin Assistant ( I am completely in love with the company for obvious reasons that I will further express.
I am also a crafty crafter. I have my own shop at where I have uploaded various special creations for sale. I love hodge podge collage patchwork meaningful useful things and I hope that that gets across to those who view my shop.

I’m finishing my thesis this semester on intersexuality and Crip and Queer embodiments through online expressions and community (with a transnational feminist framework). If you know a little about any of this, you can see my obsession with borders, boundaries, definitions and identifying through definitions. If you don’t understand any of that, know that I am intrigued with borders and I’ll work to speak English as much as I can. DOWN ego DOWN!

I’m a large White hairy woman (last I checked) who loves all sorts of genders, sexes, races, ages, (dis)abilities, nations, classes and religions. So that might make me queer. I’m living with the love of my life (Brian) for 5 years now and he understands himself as a male born man (last he checked) and so most people see me as heterosexual, which I understand.

Topics (in near order) of value to me: vibrators, Social Change, Feminisms, Queer Theory, sexuality, desire, gender, (dis)ability, transformation, activism, working at Cafe Gratitude, critical race theory, transnational feminist theory, anti-capitalism, homemade art, winterguard, colorguard, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, Raw organic deliscious food from Cafe Gratitude, Dexter, raw Mexican clams, I <3>

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